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Summer School at HMS

Summer 2023

June 5 - July 14

Summer School Catalog

Registration for non-HMS students will begin on February 24th. Please use the non-HMS student link at the top of the catalog when registering your child. Registrations for non-HMS students using the HMS only registration link will not be accepted. Because the catalog is a google doc it will be updated if/when classes get filled so please recheck the catalog before registering.

On registration day, if you are having difficulties with the link we suggest using a different device.

Our summer program is open to students entering first grade through eighth grade from public and other private schools. We are offering core subjects: math and language arts to assist students in reinforcing their skills and building confidence for the fall. Enrichment courses such as:, Japanese Language, Sports, and Computer Design are also offered in the morning to specific grade levels.

 Afternoon program consists of fun enrichment classes (art, sports, music, language, etc.)  

In-person morning only or all-day programs are offered. 

Call us at 532-0522 for additional information.


Emails from 2022:

- "I can’t tell you how enjoyable this summer is turning out to be for my daughter! She looks forward to going to school! And I so appreciate how flexible you guys are!" 

-"Thank you so much for the efforts that the teachers are putting in for our children.  We are very grateful to have such caring and supportive school to help our kids. "

-"My son is at 3rd grade section now at HMS summer school, for the past couple weeks, he really enjoyed and had so much fun with all his new friends, teachers, and everything at HMS." (They are inquiring to apply him for the regular school year)

-"My sons told me we should do this every year.  It's nice that my son asks me not to pick them up early because they are having so much fun". 

-"Thank you so much to all of you for this wonderful learning experience and fun activities!"

-"Regretfully we (are leaving summer school early because we) have a family engagement to attend. The kids are quite upset since they’ve had a blast this summer. Thanks for another wonderful summer school year!  She will miss her time spent there since it is her last eligible year!"

- "Thank you so much for the wonderful summer program! My kids were beaming about what they did everyday and exclaimed that the teachers there made learning SO FUN.  I've never seen them so engaged."


Letter from Summer 2020:

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for making this online summer program a big success! My wife and I have seen a vast improvement in our son's math and language arts skills since he began the HMS summer program. The teachers' knowledge of subject matter and pedagogy are truly exemplary.  We also wanted to thank both teachers for making my son feel like his questions and concerns regarding classwork were heard. During the regular school year and with a class of 20+ students, my son would constantly be lost and not have the ability to speak up when he didn't understand something. During quarantine, the "instructional time" consisted of 30 minutes a week, which we felt was extremely disappointing. It was refreshing that this summer program made an effort to engage the students daily. Again, I want to take this opportunity to thank both teachers for making my son's summer learning experience an awesome one! 


Summer is almost half completed. We cannot believe how fast time is flying by.

I just wanted to drop you a line to say how pleased we are with the summer school program. Our daughter does not go to Hongwanji, but we did have a friend who spoke highly of the school. We made special arrangements to have my husband start work late so we could have her attend this year.


We are delighted with the educational classes as well as the enrichment activities. The web site, pictures, and the news from the teachers is an excellent way for us to keep up with her activities as kids have the usual “I don’t know” answer to the “What did you do in school today” question. However, we know she loves school because she looks forward to going to school every day.


-A Happy Parent

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