Welcome The Hongwanji Mission School Store!

Aloha, thank you, for visiting. The online store is now available for purchases!

Here at HMS, we believe in integrating technology with our lives and creating new and efficient ways to help support our mission of teaching our children. This year, we have integrated an online store where you and others can purchase products from HMS.

The most prominent products that you will currently see in our store are the ones that we have available to help support our 5th-grade trip to the East Coast in March of 2024. We have worked in collaboration with some of Honolulu's most prominent retail merchants and designers to bring you the items you will find below. A portion of each sale will go to help cover the costs of the east coast trip, and allow our students to visit the birthplace of our country and see its history, first-hand.

You can easily share these products on your own social media profiles, and anyone is welcome to buy. Please let your friends and other family members know. In the near future, we will be placing more items in our online store that will go to help us continue to further the students education and expenses and provide a way to let families show school spirit. Mahalo!

**Payment Options: Please note that when you begin purchasing your item, the online store will show several payment buttons. To pay with your existing PayPal account, click on the PayPal Checkout button. If you would like to use Visa, Mastercard, Amex, or Discover, please click on the corresponding icon and input your card information. As you proceed through the checkout process, it will show PayPal as the payment method but, the funds will be debited from whatever payment option you initially selected. If you have chosen to pick up your order, please proceed to the HMS school office located at 39 Iliahi St. (off of Nuuanu Ave.) once you have received a confirmation that your order is ready.